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Lean Six Sigma Success Story: Improving the Capital Design Review Process at Wastewater Treatment Division by 30%, Featuring Roger Browne

King County Wastewater Treatment Division successfully improves the Capital Design process. Watch this 30 minute success story featuring Roger Browne, an Engineering Supervisor. Roger talks about the successful project and how a team from Wastewater Treatment Division helped reduce lead time on this Capital Design Review Process. The Challenge In…

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Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere! -

Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere

 Do you ever walk into a store and know at a glance where to find what you need? Do you notice that seemingly long lines can often move really quickly? Do you find yourself wondering why things don't go horribly wrong more often? Lean Six Sigma is at work!…

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How To Apply 5S: Dishpit Hell -

How to Apply 5S: Dishpit Hell

Do you enjoy doing dishes? Most people don't, so it's pretty easy for dishes to pile up and become a Dishpit Hell. The good news is that you can easily prevent this from happening with 5S. In our latest How to 5S Series blog, here's an example of how 5S helped improve the…

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How To Apply 5S: Home Office Desk -

How to Apply 5S: Home Office Desk

Your desk can reflect your mind. A cluttered, unorganized desk often leads to scattered thoughts and ideas, and ultimately, lowered productivity. Here’s how to apply 5S to your home office desk, the next post in our How to Apply 5S series. Here's a photo of my desk before applying 5S.…

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Aiming For The Dot? Fly Marks The Spot! -

Aiming for the Dot? Fly Marks the Spot!

Originating from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in the early 1990s and now a popular fixture in men's rooms across the world, the urinal fly sits just above the urinal drain and off to the left. It turns out that men, in their urinal behavior, cannot resist peeing on things, especially if…

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