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Improving The Customer Buy-Back Process By 30% With FutureDial -

Improving the Customer Buy-Back Process by 30% With FutureDial

FutureDial, the leading provider of mobile device processing solutions for Wireless Carriers recently partnered with OptoFidelity to provide world-class robotic solutions with FutureDial's Lean One-Touch software platform. "The adoption of Lean Six Sigma philosophies within our Lean One-Touch software platform has paved the path to integrating leading-edge robotics such as…

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Attacking The 8 Wastes With Sunland Logistics Solutions -

Attacking the 8 Wastes With Sunland Logistics Solutions

After 35 years, Sunland Logistics Solutions continues its strategic growth as a third party logistics provider to manufacturing customers. With the ever changing global economy, Sunland Distribution continues to evolve, now operating through the southeast and midwest of the United States. "Our purpose is to help our customers do what…

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