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Team Roles Of Lean Six Sigma -

Team Roles of Lean Six Sigma

Pulling together a Process Improvement team can be a challenge, but if you connect with the right people then the odds of success go up—a lot. Do you have a Sponsor to back you? Which Subject Matter Experts do you think you'll need? What about a Finance Partner to verify…

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Elephant-Powered Process Improvement For Zoos All Over The World -

Elephant-Powered Process Improvement for Zoos All Over the World

“It takes a village…..”. Over the years, I have referred to this phrase as the gold standard for collaboration and accomplishment. It also provides a perspective on empowerment of your associates. Organizations experience the greatest success when they leverage and align their entire team toward a common goal. That—in combination…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Process Owner

The Process Owner is the person in charge of the improved Lean Six Sigma process. They are the people responsible for maintaining the process once it has been streamlined by a continuous improvement team. Their participation is essential to ensuring the ongoing monitoring and success of the process. For a…

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