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Is there a project requirement for Green Belt Training or Black Belt Training? Do I need to do a project to get certified for a Yellow Belt or Green Belt?

Our Green Belt Training & Certification requires completion of training and an exam only. There is no project required because we walk you through a cycle time reduction project step-by-step. On the other hand, the Black Belt Training & Certification requires a live project. You can learn more about the…

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Can I register for the Black Belt course even if I don’t have my Green Belt?

Yes, you may still register for the Black Belt Training & Certification course. However, passing our Green Belt Certification Exam is a required prerequisite for the Black Belt Training & Certification course. 3 attempts are permitted per section of the Certification Exam. If you are unable to pass all sections with an 80% or higher…
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Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

Start Your Free White Belt Training   White Belt Training is a 1-hour introduction to Lean Six Sigma. It's the perfect way for beginners  to learn what Lean Six Sigma is and how it can help improve any process or organization. In White Belt Training, you'll learn: What Lean Six Sigma…

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For the Black Belt Training, I see a project submittal is required. Do you supply a mock project or group project to work for example? What if I cannot get on a Black Belt project at my day job? How does this work?

We do supply an example of a project submittal in the Black Belt Training. The project example is from our Bahama Bistro setting used throughout the course. You will also have a project template that can help guide you with project content. Although work-related projects are the most ideal, the…

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