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UTC Aerostructures Jets Through Production Time -

UTC Aerostructures Jets Through Production Time

At UTC Aerostructures, a manufacturer of nacelle components for jet engines, everyone has a one-track mind towards continuous improvement. Every employee uses very detailed standard work to eliminate waste and speed up cycle time. Takt time clocks are utilized throughout the facility, breaking down an 8-hour workday (or 25,200 seconds)…

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Bahama Bistro Bitstrip: Are People A Waste? -

Bahama Bistro Bitstrip: Are People a Waste?

Sean: “Does 'Lean' stand for 'Less Employees Are Needed'?” Carlos: “No, it's about getting rid of waste.” Sean: “Am I a waste?” Carlos: “No, you're not! But often employees' time is wasted on wasteful activities.” Sean: “So you totally like me!” Carlos: “Sigh... Let's just say... You're not a waste.”…

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3 Levels Of A Fix -

3 Levels of a “Fix”

With over 30 years in continuous improvement, I have had the opportunity to hear from and study with a number of truly learned people. In the early 80’s, I was part of what was essentially a Deming User’s group. Through conferences and meetings, I got to meet and learn from…

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6 Ways Waste Catalyzes Creativity -

6 Ways Waste Catalyzes Creativity

If no one is born a scientist, then where do good ideas come from? The metaphorical light-bulb goes off, but how? When? Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time. Other times, good ideas come from thinking about something for a really, really long time.…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

What are the main points of Lean?

A lot of people think that LEAN stands for Less Employees Are Needed and believe that Lean is about reducing head count. This is not true. The definition of Lean is to maximize value to the customer while reducing waste. People are not a waste. People are an organization’s important asset. People are often wasted…
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5S - An Easy Way To Eliminate Waste -

5S: An Easy Way to Eliminate Waste

Ready to start making a positive, measurable improvement in your home or workplace? Here is a list of successful, easy to understand ways to apply 5S to inspire you to build your problem-solving muscles. 5S Applications How to Apply 5S: Dishpit Hell How to Apply 5S: Elementary School Classroom How…

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Free Lean Training: Learn About Lean In 30 Minutes

Get Your Easy To Understand Introduction To Lean for FREE! Start your 30 minute Introduction to Lean and see why over 20,000 learners have registered for our training. It's a fun and practical way to  quickly and effectively build your process improvement and project management skills. Begin to apply Lean in…

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