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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -


A Quartile is a quarter of a data set. People divide data sets into quartiles in order to study things like the lowest performing 25% of a workforce, or the top 25% turn around times for shipping. The Box Plot is a great visual that makes use of quartiles. For…

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How to Create a Box Plot in Minitab

What's a Box Plot? A Box Plot is a graphical view of a data set which involves a center box containing 50% of the data and “whiskers” which each represent 25% of the data. It divides the distribution of a data set into four portions: the lower “whisker” contains the first…

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Box Plot -

Box Plot (aka Box and Whisker Plot)

A Box Plot, or Box and Whisker Plot, is a graphical view of a data set that is divided into fourths or “quartiles.” It shows the center and spread of a data set but is most useful when comparing two or more “strata” or data sets such as the cycle…

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